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TAP TIMES                                                      Volume 11, Number 2

                                                                                      February 2020
           Test, Assembly & Packaging TIMES

          Consumer market holds the key to a growing chip industry

                                 hile major trade
                                 events such as
                                 SEMICON West
                                 provide the semi-
                                 conductor industry
       Wwith a glimpse of
        future business, the real key to forth-
        coming sales of virtually every manu-
        factured product is the annual CES
        (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las
        Vegas, Nevada.

        Annual pilgrimage                                  CES  attracted  a  covey  of  international  press  at  its “Living  in
        This annual pilgrimage to the gambling             Digital Times” media event. (CES Photo)
        capital of the world brings throngs of me-              traditional exhibitors and speakers were
        dia, tech junkies, manufacturers’ reps and              added to the program and as exhibits on
        stock analysts to this desert oasis for three           the show floor.
        chilly January days.

                       Ron Iscoff, Editor                       Impossible technology
                                   When most people think of high-technol-
                                                                ogy, images of semiconductors, ultra-HD
        No self-respecting provider of consumer                 televisions and products made largely
        goods who expected to gain or sustain                   from electronics come to mind.
        market share would consider not being
        here as an exhibitor (or a fly on the wall).            At CES, though,it’s different: The Redwood
                                                                City, Calif.-based maker of sustainable,
        Tech exhibits                                           think plant-based, hamburgers (cover
        In the past, it was easy to divine what                 photo) journeyed to Vegas to debut its
        tech companies were likely to be exhibit-               “Impossible Pork.”
        ing, from such consumer giants as AT&T,
        Samsung, Sony and down the line of con-                 Other companies, hoping for exposure in
        sumer goods.                                            the consumer press from the event, in-

                                                                cluded Procter & Gamble (yes, the food
        In the past few years, however, companies               and personal products giant); John Deere,
        that are clearly outside what most con-                 the tractor people; Delta Airlines; and Wel-
        sider consumer high-tech have begun to                  la Professionals for beauty shop operators.
        appear.  For example, this year many non-                                                     Next page
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