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23-Contract DRAM prices trending up
                   February 2020                                24-Automotive sensors to be $41.9 billion market by 2025
                                                                27-PC shipments posted modest gain in 2019
                                                                27-Spending on drones, robotics to reach $128B this year
                         Contents                               Cover:  The Impossible Burger, made from plants, is one Red-
                                                                wood City, Calif. company’s answer to the public’s unending ap-
                                                                petite for meat and was one of the stars of the Consumer Elec-
        Consumer market holds the key to a growing chip         tronics Show in January.  (Photo: Impossible Foods)
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        industry, Ron Iscoff , 3

        Scientists create blue LED from Halide Perovskites, 10
                                                                    Reach the industry’s
        Business Cards, 14
                                                                               key buyers
        Advertisers, Events, 16
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        Researchers see brain-like behavior in nanoscale
        device, 17                                                             TAP TIMES!

        System verifi es accuracy of quantum chips, 25
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        8-DoE’s Quantum Initiative grants $625M for centers
        9-Modest growth seen for global device shipments in 2020        
        12-Global semiconductor revenue declined in 2019 by 11.9%
        13-Forecast predicts 26 of 33 chip segments will grow
        19-Only China registers pure-play foundry growth
        20-U.S. gov’t asked dutch to block ASML China sale                          Advertisement
        21-Global GDP growth driving chip market                     Air-CavityQFN?
        22-Solar installs will continue double-digit global growth

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