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DECEMBER   2018       TAP TIMES          -9-

                       China (from 8)

        In its September China IC Ecosystem re-
        port, SEMI wrote that IC design remained
        the largest Chinese semiconductor sector
        for the second year in a row with revenue
        of $31.9 billion in 2017.

        China’s ascent                                          It’s been nearly 70 years since the era of Mao Ze Dong.
        SEMI reported, “The ascent of China’s IC                China’s leaders now wear western-style suits.
                                                                                                                            (Public Domain)
        design sector comes as the region’s equip-
        ment market is expected to claim the top                country’s trade defi cit in semiconductors.
        spot in 2020 on the strength of the con-
        tinuing development of its domestic manu-               25 new fabs planned
        facturing capability.”                                  There are 25 new fab construction projects
                                                                underway or planned  for  China. Some  17
        Currently, SEMI reported, semiconductors                fabs are for 300mm wafers. Foundry, DRAM
        are China’s largest import by revenue. The              and 3D NAND memory are the leading seg-
        country’s National IC Fund is holding some              ments for new investments and new capac-
        $21.5 billion which is meant to reduce the              ity within the country.  Next page

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