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DECEMBER   2018       TAP TIMES          -8-
                                                                give the Chinese a leg-up on developing
                                                                mobil phone processors.
                       China (from 6)

        in the United States) to allow them to ac-              Worldwide share of 20 percent
        quire U.S. tech companies.                              On September 4, SEMI reported that China’s
                                                                semiconductor fab capacity would reach a
        This year,  the  Administration  blocked  the           worldwide share of 20 percent in 2020.
        proposed acquisition by Chinese-led inves-
        tors of Oregon-based Lattice Semiconduc-                Several China-based companies have done
        to, among others.                                       well over the past decade providing IC as-
                                                                sembly and packaging. The advanced tech-
                                                                nology, and the key to dominance, however,
        Blocked Qualcomm acquisition                            is at the front-end where the wafer is made
        The White House also quashed the $130                   and in the chip design.
        billion acquisition of California-based Qual-
        comm by then-Singapore based (now San                   Although  China  is  now  just  taking  baby
        Jose-based) Broadcom.                                   steps in wafer fab, SEMI maintains its front-
                                                                end capacity this year will grow to 16 per-
        Although not a Chinese company, accord-                 cent.  Most of this capacity, will probably be
        ing to Quartz (March 12), the U.S. Trea-                in making memory semiconductors.
        sury Dept. feared this acquisition could                                                              Next page

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