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DECEMBER   2018       TAP TIMES          -6-          The article, quoting the U.S. govern-
                                                                 ment’s Federal Register (November 21),

                        China (from 4)                           said, “The Trump Administration is pro-
                                                                 posing sweeping new limits on the ex-
                                                                 port of advanced technology to China.”
        With each new announcement from the
        Administration, China has refl exively
        added its own countervailing tariffs on
        the import of U.S. goods into China.

        Retaliatory tariffs
        CNBC said China’s retaliatory tariffs will
        amount to $60 billion on 5,000 products.

        In early November, SEMI issued a news
        release noting, “SEMI members are key
        enablers of the more than $2 trillion elec-
        tronics manufacturing supply chain.”                     China  has  declared  ambitious  plans  to  build  fabs,  al-
                                                                 though obtaining fab equipment from the U.S. may be
                                                                 problematic under tightened export restrictions. (SEMI)
        This provides more than 350,000 jobs in
        the United State alone,” said Ajit Mano-                 The new ruling from the commerce dept.,
        cha, SEMI president and CEO.                             said  Data  Sheet,  is not  yet  law,  but  only
                                                                 an announcement that the government is
        “Our global business benefi ts from free                 soliciting comment why or why not further
        and fair trade, open markets, and support                restrictions should be made.
        for international laws governing IP, cyber-
        security and national security.
                                                                 Chinese investment further squeezed
                                                                 In  addition, FIRRMA  (Foreign  Investment
        Resolve trade frictions                                  Risk Review Modernization Act) restrictions
        “I urge the leaders of China and the                     added this year by the Administration are
        United States to come to the negotiating                 meant to limit foreign investment in U.S.
        table and agree on a framework that can                  technology companies.  While China is not
        resolve the current trade frictions which                named specifi cally, it is obvious that China
        negatively impact our industry.”                         is the key FIRRMA target.

        Although much of the gear used for mak-                  A Dept. of Commerce news release forbids
        ing semiconductors is forbidden to be                    exports of a number of technologies that
        exported to China under the 1940 Export                  appear not to have been invented yet, in-
        Control Act, tools used in the older tech-               cluding mind-machine interfaces, molecu-
        nologies are being sold in China.                        lar  robotics,  adaptive  camoufl age,  smart
                                                                 dust and swarming technology.
        Shortly, however, it will become more
        diffi cult and more expensive for China                  Since  the  beginning  of  the  Trump  White
        to participate in such areas as AI, robot-               House, Chinese investors have been regu-
        ics and self-driving vehicles, according to              larly dismayed over the denial of  the U.S.
        Fortune’s Data Sheet, November 21.                       CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment
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