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DECEMBER   2018       TAP TIMES          -4-

                       China (from 3)

        While semiconductors are at the top of
        China’s wish list, almost every facet of
        technology is a Chinese target, including
        AI, software and robotics.

        Robotics spending
        By 2022, according to IDC, China will ac-               Ports, such as the Port of Long Beach, the second busiest
        count for nearly 40 percent of worldwide                after  Los  Angeles,  are  feeling  the  impact  of  the  tariffs.
                                                                (Port of Long Beach)
        robotics spending with almost $80 billion
        in annual expenditures.                                 They began at $200 billion, but are pegged
                                                                to increase to $250 billion at the end of the
        That country already accounts for more                  year.
        than a quarter of global spending on the
        Internet of Things and AR/VR.                           These tariffs, according to CNBC (Septem-
                                                                ber  25),  represent  a  10  percent  levy  on
        The U.S., meanwhile, continues to domi-                 $200 billion of China imports. See 6
        nate spending in software-driven markets
        and currently accounts for almost 70 per-
        cent of total spending on artificial intel-               Solving Your BGA Device
        ligence and more than 50 percent of big
        data & analytics (BDA), also estimated by                 Test & Validation Challenges

                                                                   • 0.50 to 1.27mm Pitch
                                                                   • 0.50 to 1.27mm Pitch
                                                                   • Thousands of Footprints
        On a roll                                                  • Thousands of Footprints
        You might say China is on a roll, or was                   • Build-A-Part Online
                                                                   • Build-A-Part Online
        on a roll before the Trump administration’s                •  Exclusive Solder
                                                                     Ball Terminals
                                                                   • Customized Designs
                                                                   • Customized Designs
                                                                                                          BGA Socket
        These tariffs are a moving target generally                • Customized Designs                   BGA Socket
                                                                                                          Adapter System
        upwards and are among the key items that                                                          Adapter System
        will impact China’s attempt to become the
        semiconductor king.                                                        Flip-Top™ BGA Socket
                                                                                   (Spring pin design)
        China, however, has eclipsed Canada to
        become the U.S.’ top trade partner at $636
        billion, with Canada at $582.4 billion; Mex-
        ico at $557 billion and Japan at 204.2 bil-
        lion, according to Fortune (April 2, 2018).

        The Trump administration’s tariffs against
        China for about $200 billion went into af-
                                                                  800.424.9850 • 401.823.5200
        fect in September.                                •  Made in USA
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