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TAP TIMES                                               Volume 9, Number 12

           Test, Assembly & Packaging TIMES                                     December 2018

          Much ado about China: Trade wars and keeping patents secret

      C                 hina, a country of 1.38

                        billion people, boasts
                        many future expansion
                        goals, not the least of
                        which is to rank first in

                        semiconductor sales.

        A not-very-secret wish
        The country’s not-so-secret wish to be first
        in semiconductors harkens back decades,
        when its mostly agricultural infrastructure
        limited its high-tech dreams to simple chip

                         Ron Iscoff, editor                      A fierce lion guards the gates of a Chinese temple.
                                                                Fudan University, fifth-ranked by World
        China’s many resources include companies                University Rankings, operates four cam-
        that receive government backing to en-                  puses in Shanghai. Next page
        large their niche into semiconductor fabri-

        Key is the country’s devotion to educat-
        ing China’s youth in technology through
        courses at its two leading universities,
        Tsinghua and Peking University, both in

        Tsinghua, generally considered number
        one,  carries the cachet as the alma mater
        of Xi Jinping, China’s 65-year old president
        for life and the man who preceded him,                  Tsinghua  is  generally  considered  the  Harvard  or  MIT  of
        Hu Jintao.                                              China.  In fact, it does have a close relationship with the
                                                                latter and a transfer program, as well.
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        Third and fourth best, respectively, are the
        University of Science & Technology and                                     Advertisement
        Zheziang University.                                         Air-CavityQFN?
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