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DECEMBER    2018      TAP TIMES          -10-

                        China (from 9)

        The value chain
        China’s IC packagng and test segments
        are also moving up the value chain.  Much
        of this is being done, reported SEMI,
        through mergers and acquisitions and by
        building advanced capabilities to entice
        international companies.

        Materials for ICs are currently dominated
        by packaging supplies.  This became the
        second largest regional market for materi-
        als in 2016 and solidified that position in

        This market, said SEMI, is forecast to grow
        at a 10 percent CAGR from 2015 to 2019,
        while fab capacity could grow 14 percent
        during that time.

        Keeping secrets
        Perhaps China’s largest issue with foreign
        suppliers is over intellectual property,
        specifically copyrights, patents and trade-
        marks. It is an old, nagging problem.

        The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Interna-
        tional has published a list of 45 countries
        with detailed rankings of the countries’ in-
        tellectural property protections and weak-
        nesses (

        A February 2017 compilation, The Roots
        of Innovation, placed the U.S. in first out
        of the 45 countries it ranks for its overall
        protection of copyrights, patents and mar-
        ket access.

        Overall, China ranked 27 out of 45.  For
        comparison, Japan was number 4 and
        Venezuela was last at 45.
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