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APRIL 2020        TAP TIMES          -7-         References
                                                                1. T.J. Green,  Microwave Hybrid Design for Manu-
                                                                facturability (DFM) course, https://www.tjgreenllc.
                        Primer (from 6)                         com/in-plant-training/
                                                                2. Dr. William Perry, memo, “Specifications & Stan-
                                                                dards—A New Way of Doing Business,”  https://
        which will be specified over the tempera-     
        ture range of -55 C to +125 C or as speci-
        fied in the device specification.
                                                                The Author
        The second quality level is Class F non-                Mr. Terlizzi is vice president at GM Sys-
        hermetic devices. These devices are speci-              tems LLC, a management and technol-
        fied over the temperature range of -40 C                ogy consulting fi rm.  For over 30 years,
        to +85 C or a wider range.                              he has designed and developed power
                                                                mangement systems, single board com-
                                                                puters, microelectronic device, thick and
        Conclusion                                              thin film hybrids and other products for
        The MIL-PRF-38534 specification under-                  military, aerospace and consumer mar-
        goes constant updating via the JEDEC 13.5               kets.
        (Hybrid Manufacturers) and G12 (Compo-
        nent Users) groups within the Industry/                 He received a BEE from City College of
        Government Solid State Devices.                         New York and an MSEE from NYU-Poly-
                                                                technic. He is also a member of the pro-
        This document has evolved and become                    gram committee for the CMSE conference
        more valuable to the industry for over 30               and exhibit, hosted by T.J. Green Associ-
        years since its introduction.                           ates.

                Global economy headed                           Nevertheless, the result will be a U-shaped
              for recession—IHS Markit                          rather than V-shaped cycle, as a sharp re-
                                                                duction in near-term growth is followed by

         LONDON—Disruptions to supply                           a slow recovery.
         chains, demand, international trade
         flows and travel—along with lock-                      Forecast risks are overwhelmingly on the
         downs and collapsing stock prices re-                  downside and depend crucially on how
         sulting from the coronavirus disease                   governments respond.
         2019 (COVID-19) virus—have dealt a
         heavy blow to the global economy.
                                                                Central banks
                                                                Central banks have already taken emer-

         GDP growth revised downward                            gency actions, but the fiscal response is
         The United States, Europe, and Japan                   more uncertain.
         are headed for recession. The IHS Markit
         forecast for world real GDP growth in                  The recent sharp drop in oil prices will help
         2020 has been revised down to 0.7% in                  energy consumers and hurt energy pro-
         response to the spread of the virus.                   ducers. The net effect on global growth is
                                                                likely to be negative, but small.
         Growth below 2.0% is classified as a                                                 
         global recession. The number of active                            Click here to receive a
         world cases is assumed to top out by the
         third quarter.                                           link to every issue when published.
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