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APRIL 2020        TAP TIMES          -6-         increase device reliability and to imple-
                                                                ment new technology, there is a Technol-
                                                                ogy Review Board (TRB) option in the MIL-
        Primer (from 5)                                         PRF-38534 specification.

        MIL-PRF-38534 has several quality assur-
        ance levels, shown from highest to lowest               Alternative prevention methods
        below:                                                  TRB under DLA approval allows a manu-
                                                                facturer to generate alternative prevention

        • Class K - Highest reliability level, specified for    methods.
        • Class H - Standard Military Quality Level             These include statistical process control
        • Class D - Vendor Specified Quality Level              (SPC), periodic process capability certifica-
        • Class E - Devices based on class K, H or G with       tion, design analysis, design robustness,
                        exceptions to the class requirements.
        • Class G - Lower version of the Military quality       and off-line reliability assessment or to
                        level                                   eliminate non-value added tests or exces-
        • Class L - Class L is the highest quality class for    sive MIL-PRF-38534 requirements.
                        non-hermetic devices
        • Class F - Class F is the standard quality class for   MIL-PRF-38534 Appendix D Performance
                        non-hermetic devices
                                                                Varifications for Non-Hermetic Device
                                                                Technologies specifies two quality levels.
        Path to cost reduction                                  These are Class L non-hermetic devices,
        As part of the DOD drive to reduce cost,                                                       next page

                                                         ISO 9001:2015
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