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15-SEMICON China rescheduled to June
                      APRIL 2020                                15-53% of U.S. workers will stay with current employer
                                                                16-Transistor count tracks with Moore’s law
                                                                19-Revenue per wafer rising with shrinking chip size
                           CONTENTS                             20-Smartphone market rebound on stand-by
                                                                21-Semiconductor sales off  fractionally in January
        Assembly and packaging for extreme environments,        23--SEMICON Southeast Asia moved to August
        Tom Terlizzi, contributing editor, 3                    24-Chip unit shipments  forecast to rebound this year
                                                                25-ST Micro, TSMC will collaborate on GaN -based ICs
        Team produces “most precise” 3D images of 2D            26-Pandemic will distress global memory business
        materials, 8                                            27-TopLine awarded patent for CCGA fi xture
                                                                28-Global smartphone sales fell in 2019 Y/Y
        Advertisers, Events, 15                                 30-100 wafer fabs closed or repurposed since 2009
                                                                31-SIA urges governments to keep chip makers open
                                                                34-80% chance of semiconductor contraction this year
        Business Cards, 18                                      35-Is working from home the new normal?
                                                                36-U.S. chip makers maintain marketshare lead
        New optical system may lead to instant object recogni-  37-Labor Dept. releases job skills microelectronics model
                                                                40-TestConX goes online for annual event
        tion, 22
                                                                Cover:  When the space shuttle Columbia lifted skyward on Jan 12, 1986
        CurveBoards enable easier testing of circuit designs,   from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, it was outfi tted with semiconductors
                                                                built to endure the extremes of heat and cold in space. (NASA photo)
        Graphene device is an insulator/superconductor, 38              Reach the industry’s key buyers
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        NEWS                                                           for an editorial calendar/rate card
        7-Global economy headed for recession
        11-Fab equipment spending poised for record high
        12-Iranian national extradited for export ban violation                     Advertisement
        13-Virus will impact PC market                               Air-CavityQFN?
        14-”Black Swan” event triggers 2020 forecast revision

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