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APRIL 2020      TAP TIMES          -10-           electronics. The samples being studied
                                                                were “doped” with traces of rhenium, a
                                                                metal that adds spare electrons when re-
                     3D images (from 8)
                                                                placing molybdenum.

        Miao is the deputy director of the STROBE
        National Science Foundation Science and                 Semiconductors
        Technology Center and a member of the                   That kind of doping is often used to pro-
        California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA.
                                                                duce components for computers and elec-
                                                                tronics because it helps facilitate the flow
                                                                of electrons in semiconductor devices.
        Multiple collaborators
        His UCLA lab collaborated on the study                  To analyze the 2D material, the research-
        with researchers from Harvard University,               ers used a new technology they developed
        Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Rice
        University.                                             based on scanning transmission electron
                                                                microscopy, which produces images by
                                                                measuring scattered electrons beamed
        The researchers examined a single layer of              through thin samples.
        molybdenum disulfide, a frequently stud-
        ied 2D material.
                                                                Miao’s team devised a technique called
                                                                scanning atomic electron tomography,
        In bulk, this compound is used as a lubri-              which produces 3D images by capturing a
        cant. As a 2D material, it has electronic               sample at multiple angles as it rotates.
        properties that suggest it could be em-                                                
        ployed in next-generation semiconductor

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